Who We Are
We believe wholeheartedly that necessity is the mother of invention.  In the past, SpyderShare’s founding partners had other entrepreneurial interests focused on the investor relations arena.  Having the need to grow that business and its 40 or so websites, it was necessary to engage SEO specialists that would effectively promote our business on the internet.  We quickly realized that our situation was unique and it was more cost effective to expand our employee-base and hire these specialists into our IT department, because SEO is an ongoing proposition.  Our specialists evolved into experts.  Having this knowledgebase in-house gave us another interesting way to help our clients.  Thus, SpyderShare was founded and now operates as an independent entity.

What We Do
SpyderShare offers a full suite of SEO and SEM services that include onsite and offsite developments to increase a website’s relative authority regarding its product/services as ranked by the major search engines, Google, Yahoo! and Bing.  We focus on the strategic selection of keywords to give clients the highest ranking in search engine position, drawing more relevant traffic to the site.  This strategy allows a website to capture traffic that is in-market for its product/services, dramatically increasing sales and return-on-investment.  We have been in your shoes.  We understand what it takes to move a business forward on the internet. 

We specialize in B2C and B2B platforms in the US, UK and the EU with specialists in our India operation who constantly remain updated on the latest algorithm developments from an international perspective from each of the Search Engines.